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Following is pertinent information on getting the most out of your Internet presence  - along with a summary of our service and costs - competitive prices, flexible pricing and flexible payment options to help you make the most of the opportunities  in today's market...

FACT > Flash Animations are not supported for the over half-a-billion Apple iPhones, iPods & iPad users alone [Source] – not counting the hundreds of millions of other hand held device brands that do not support Flash.  

4.55 Billion people worldwide will use a mobile device in 2014. Smartphone users worldwide will total 1.75 Billion in 2014 [Source].

69% of Americans decide where to go and what to do spontaneously – while browsing the Internet with their hand held devices… you are missing a HUGE mobile market if you have an ALL FLASH website.

Your website might as well not even exist for hand held device users since they do not support Flash !

Making sure your content is as mobile as you

"Raise your hand if you own an iPhone or a similar device. Now raise your other hand if you surf the Web on your mobile device more than you do on your home or office computer.

I wouldn't be surprised if you had both hands up now (go ahead and put them down: people are staring).

So if you use your mobile device for everything from searching the internet to watching podcasts, don't you think there are lots of others out there just like you?

And don't you want those people viewing your websites no matter where they are or what device they're using?

If you answered yes to these questions, then it's time to jump on the mobile bandwagon..."

Layers Magazine

Here's some new intelligence on recent consumer behavior compiled by Sageworks, a North Carolina-based financial information provider. Sageworks outlines a few interesting recession-time behaviors, all of which are small indulgences that have seen growth in the past 12 months.

People may not be spending on large luxuries such as cars, jewelry and vacations, Sageworks notes, but they are still keeping room in the budget for modest luxuries such as gym memberships and dining out.  

-- Shopping online: 8.6% sales growth in past 12 months
-- Belonging to a gym: 6.7%
-- Going out for a drink: 5.8%
-- Playing sports and hobbies: 4.7%
-- Dining out: 3.1%
-- Getting haircuts and manicures: 2.5%

Crain’s Chicago Business 


Xclaim Design can help you maximize your Internet potential with the following services...

Custom Web Design - unique, one of a kind, home page concept previews in 3 business days - includes one year bundled web hosting services for one flat price starting from $1000.  Our flat fee prices are extremely competitive.  We offer flexible pricing and payment options.

Custom Programming Services - we provided a variety of useful programming functionality, customized to your specific requirements - for one flat fee price.

Mobile Web Design - Creating a Mobile Web Version of your current website is the hottest web design trend currently and is expected to grow exponentially over the next several years.

Mobile Apps - Xclaim can design, build and publish for download a mobile device app for your business.

VoIP Systems - Voice Over IP phone systems can save you significant dollars vs. traditional phone systems.

Web Hosting - state-of-the-art hosting - affordable flat fee priced bundled services include; monthly search engine keyword submissions | comprehensive online web traffic reporting & analysis | free website content changes | free website re-designs for continuing customers | free server level anti-spam & anti-virus protection | free website email accounts | 24.7 support

eCommerce - using the latest in SSL data encryption; online stores | shopping carts | gift card order forms | online payments / deposits on account | 'membership' programs | you can sell anything and everything online - safe, secure, fast.

Marketing - monthly website search engine optimization | custom website email campaigns | plus coordinated social networking & advertising campaigns working in tandem with your website specifically designed to bring measurable incremental business.

Graphics Design Services - coordinated custom visual identity; websites | logos | brochures | billboards | business cards | letterhead | flyers | post cards | posters | print advertising and signage  | media kits. Get everything you need from vendor instead of many.   We even provide professional copy writer services.

Custom Video and Photography Services - websites | events | promotional | publicity | products | food | Viral Videos - whatever you need - whenever you need it.

Custom Art - we have a fine selection of artwork to choose from... private commissions accepted.

Our flat fee prices are extremely competitive. 
We offer flexible pricing and payment options.

Contact us for a quote.


web design | mobile sites | mobile apps | eCommerce | hosting | SEO
email marketing | VoIP | logos | printphotography | copy writing



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