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Programming Services – Website Functionality
(one-time flat fees) 

These modules can be added individually at the start of the project, or at anytime afterwards.  Following are descriptions of optional modules that are available:

-   Website Traffic Reporting Module - this report, available online 24 hours a day, is very useful in analyzing website usage patterns, search engine registration effectiveness and a wide variety of technical statistics that assist you in marketing your website and in analyzing the effectiveness of website design, navigation elements and marketing efforts. 

-   Database Driven Feedback Form allows customer and prospects to ask questions, request information, request appointments or reservations online via your website.   Note - people are 10 times more likely to complete a form online than to compose an email.  Each time the form is submitted – the information is stored in a database for marketing purposes and concurrently the form results are emailed to you immediately.   

-   Secure Server Database Driven Feedback Forms - can be used to submit sensitive information online like gift certificates orders, deposits, payments.

-   Fly-out Menu Navigation Interface – easy access to every page on your website – from every page on your website.  When you scroll your cursor over a main menu option that contains a drop down sub menu - the ‘fly-out’ menu will stay in place if you should inadvertently move your cursor outside the fly-out menu field - allowing you to return to the fly-out menu and make your selection without starting over. 

-   Online Store Module  this module requires our secure server web hosting and can include the following database driven programming modules; online store, catalog display pages, shopping cart and secure server checkout form which uses the latest in 256-bit Secure Server Data Encryption.

-   Customer Login Module included with your online store - allows your customers to register and log in to your website using a username and password to view specialized content or order online.  A convenient 'Lost Password' routine enables the visitor to retrieve their login password automatically - should it be misplaced or forgotten. 

-   User Modifiable Interface –  If you purchase our Online Store Module (described above) this module is included allowing you to add, modify and/or delete; customer records, shopping cart products and images and website content via the website’s User Modifiable Interface.

-   Content Management Module – allows client to safely add, modify, and delete content and/or pages on their websites.

-   Modal Window Popup Module - A PROACTIVE modal window email harvest form gathers more email addresses to use for marketing - than passive email harvesting forms (like ‘join our email list’ or a contact form) because not every site visitor will submit or even look at your website contact form or click on your ‘join our email list’ link.

A proactive email harvest form on the other hand will ensure every new visitor is presented with the opportunity to join your email list in a very elegant manner that is easy to use and easy to dismiss if they choose.  The modal window opens within 5 seconds of landing on your home page which gives the visitor a chance to ‘orient’ themselves to the home page before they are prompted to join your email list.

The modal window can also ‘double’ as a great current announcement for new events and specials. 

Each time the modal window email harvest form is submitted – you will receive an email harvest form results email notifying you that another visitor has registered.  You may wish to reply to sender with a ‘Thanks for joining our email list and offer them a ‘spiff’.  Note – these harvested email addresses are also stored on our server and will automatically be added to your email database and included in all future mailings. 

Here's a link to a live client site that features proactive modal window email harvesting...

Modal windows can feature the following: 

1.  Opens with a predetermined delay - typically 5 seconds – less intrusive,  gives the visitor a chance to ‘orient’ themselves to the home page before they are prompted to join your email list.

2.  Can be set to remain open till closed by the visitor or closed automatically after 15 seconds if not clicked on  – for those visitors who can’t figure out how  to close the modal window which is done by clicking on the CLOSE X button – or clicking anywhere on the page other than the modal window itself.

3.  Modal Window can be set to NOT OPEN for the same visitor twice for any length of time prevents the window from opening again when a visitor returns to the home page on the same visit or when returning to the site within 30 days or any time frame you choose (NOTE - cookies must be enabled on visitors local browser in order for this feature to work).    

THIS IS A VERY EFFECTIVE EMAIL HARVESTING TOOL because sending out regular email blasts to your customer base (included in our web hosting, marketing and support services at no additional charge) is more effective at generating customer loyalty and incremental revenue than all other website marketing efforts COMBINED including website SEO (search engine optimization is included in our web hosting, marketing and support services) and ‘feeder’ website links.

Summary of our Services

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web design | mobile sites | mobile apps | eCommerce | hosting | SEO
email marketing | VoIP | logos | printphotography | copy writing | custom art



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