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The Power of Web Traffic Reporting - The effectiveness of Web Traffic Reporting begins with its ability to differentiate “real traffic” from traffic generated by spiders and bots. Web Traffic Reporting adds detailed summary and trend reporting with nearly one hundred report items to help businesses understand real traffic to improve the results of marketing campaigns and to better understand visitor habits. To enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, Web Traffic Reporting provides over twenty report items designed to measure spider and bot activity patterns for improved performance on all major search engines.

Unlike most competing products, Web Traffic Reporting includes the ability to data mine and drill down into individual Web pages, user activity, IP addresses, paths, and more—which can be correlated into insightful results (e.g., most popular product, marketing campaign, referring website). In addition, geographic analysis, report items, and mapping are available by country, state, province, and city.

Understanding 'Real' Traffic - As much as 15% of the traffic on larger sites—and up to 50% of the traffic on smaller sites—may be directly related to automated hits generated by spiders and bots as they index a website. Unlike many competing analytics tools, Web Traffic Reporting separates real traffic from spider and bot traffic. The ability to identify real trends and habits will allow individuals and large organizations to make effective marketing decisions.

Understanding Spider Traffic The success or failure of a website is directly correlated to search engine performance.

The ability to isolate and separate spider traffic gives individuals the power to see into search engine methods (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live, and Ask).

Web Traffic Reporting users can effectively and accurately determine what pages are being indexed and when—maximizing SEO for greater visibility and better conversion rates. Web Traffic Reporting provides twenty report items specifically tailored to address these issues.

Geographic Analysis - Web Traffic Reporting provides the ability to visually see website performance graphically and to allow the identification of markets across borders and without boundaries. Geographic analysis, report items, and mapping are available at the country, state, province, and city level—identifying demographic opportunities.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities - Web Traffic Reporting provides the ability to further tailor reports through filtering. Report items that you have tailored can also be assigned as a Favorite—to be quickly referenced in the future. Report items and Favorites can be combined into custom reports that address a specific need (e.g., organizational summary report, executive report). Standard reports, custom reports, and Favorites can be scheduled and distributed to individuals or groups through email to reduce administration. In addition, Web Traffic Reporting report data can be exported to Microsoft Excel™ and other tools for additional examination.

Unique to Web Traffic Reporting is the ability to reprocess imported log data repeatedly as new reports are added to Web Traffic Reporting or to reflect exclusion and/or additions as you refine your metrics. With competing products, new reports only provide results from the moment the report is made available. Web Traffic Reporting allows the reprocessing of existing log data over any time frame so that website owners can see future reports on yesterday’s data.


Our Web Traffic Reporting module - is a complete Web log analytics tool that delivers relevant, accurate, and detailed statistics for your website and provides a complete solution for reporting and extensive data mining.

Our web traffic reporting system delivers an industry-leading Web interface to access all the functionality of this complete Web analytics solution.  

A Web browser is all you need. The web interface is optimized with Silverlight™ charts and graphs, AJAX controls, snapping panes, keyboard shortcuts, and other intuitive user controls—bringing the features and performance of a desktop application to the Web.

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web design | mobile sites | mobile apps | eCommerce | hosting | SEO
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