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We provide Monthly Search Engine registrations.  Dynamically altered based on real-world web traffic analysis to optimize ranking positions.

However, be mindful that depending solely on search engines to drive traffic to your site can be a 'double edged sword'. While they may be one of the top sources of traffic referrals to your website, they can also be the least dependable source.   Best not to "put all your eggs in one basket".

Today, top search engine placement is an achievement that is 75% smart design / marketing strategy and 25% luck.  Unless you can afford to pay-per-click rankings directly with the major search engines, you're going to have to accept that 25% of this process is out of your hands.

We handle the design and search engine submission and optimization - here are some steps you can take to help with the process...

First and foremost are keywords and search phrases. When planning your website, you should get inside the mind of the person who will be looking for you first. Your first instinct might be to use words and phrases you deal with on a daily basis in your business.

For example; if you sell computers, your first instinct may be to have keywords like Gateway, Dell, Compaq, monitors, keyboards, etc., as your first keywords. However you may be better served by having more general keywords, such as: computer stores, computer outlets, computer retailers and other similar descriptors as your first keywords.

Your website content will play an important role with placement on some search engines. Write your initial drafts of your website content to include as many of your most important keywords and search phrases as you can.

Swap links with other non competing websites.  Is this helpful for the Search Engines? It sure is!  Search engine robots detect when other websites are linked to your own (Feeder Websites).  The theory behind improving your placement in this regard is that if other sites on the web are linking to yours, you must be a respected organization with useful content. This tactic helps your search placements get boosted, and just makes good marketing sense.

Promote your website
- The point of all these efforts is to turn your website into a web presence - the distinction is crucial. In order to do this, you need to have all your marketing channels working. While search engines are one of the leading referrers of traffic on the Internet, they are not the "yellow brick road" to the millionaire mansion. There are millions of websites on the Internet, and that number is growing exponentially. You need to distinguish your site from all the others, so that when you finally achieve that coveted top ten placement, your potential customer will be more inclined to click on your link than your competitors.

Email Marketing - a good, continuing email marketing campaign can produce more incremental business from your Internet presence that SEO and Feeder Websites combined !

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Our flat fee prices are extremely competitive. 
We offer flexible pricing and payment options.

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web design | mobile sites | mobile apps | eCommerce | hosting | SEO
email marketing | VoIP | logos | printphotography | copy writing | custom art



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