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The #1 cloud-based phone system for your business.
Phone systems simplified.  Cloud-based business phone systems…

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Xclaim Design provides sales and installation support for RingCentral, an award-winning business phone systems provider, received a 2009 Webware 100 award for Communication. The award was given by Webware, a CNET site that provides people with news on useful web applications.

Other recognitions are for the best Web 2.0 sites, services and applications that are leading the next wave of innovation. Thousands of entries were received and reviewed by the Web 2.0 community and the finalists were selected by the editors of Webware.

This award highlights RingCentral’s commitment to level the playing field for small business owners by providing them with all the power of a Fortune 500 business phone system without the hassle and expense. This annual listing is an essential resource fo
r people who want to learn more about Web 2.0 and the many ways it would help them stay connected.

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How it Works

Complete cloud-based phone system for your business

Power your business with comprehensive outbound voice and fax.

Get free unlimited nationwide calling and faxing >>
RingCentral Office gives your company unlimited long distance minutes* throughout the US and Canada.

RingCentral also provides competitive business international calling rates. Give your employees the freedom to send as many documents and to do business as often as they need.

Use RingCentral IP Phones or existing phones & fax machines >>
Business-class IP phones ship preconfigured—make calls as soon as they arrive. ATA adapters incorporate legacy analog phones and fax machines to your business phone system.

Call using your office number from any phone >>
RingCentral mobile applications let you make calls from your smartphone while showing your business number as the caller id. 

RingCentral Call Controller and RingOut from the web let you make calls using your business number from any computer.  Just call your RingCentral number, enter your password, and place an outbound call using your business number from any phone in the world.


Customers call and send faxes to your company.

RingCentral answers all calls and faxes >>
RingCentral answers all calls and faxes to your company’s local or toll-free number.

RingCentral is on 24/7 and accepts incoming calls and faxes from any phone in the world.

Customers never get a busy signal >>
Whether you’re on the phone or receiving multiple incoming calls and faxes, RingCentral manages all calls and faxes to your company, so customers never get a busy signal.

Multiple local and toll-free numbers >>
Select multiple local or toll-free numbers that make sense for your business. Available numbers include local numbers from all 50 US states, true 800 numbers, and vanity numbers.

RingCentral manages calls and faxes to your company.

Customers are greeted by an auto-receptionist >>
Your company auto-receptionist delivers the functionality of a Fortune 500 phone system, complete with professionally recorded interactive voice response (IVR) menus, and greetings.

Customers select an extension >>
With the touch of a button, customers can reach departments and access your company directory quickly and easily.
Each employee can have an individual extension and voicemail.

Customize hours, greetings, and call forwarding >>
Based on your company’s answering rules, RingCentral routes calls to you or your employees, wherever they are.

Customize business hours, greetings, and advanced call forwarding >>
RingCentral makes it easy to configure your company phone system to work the way your company works. Configure your company’s auto-receptionist to handle calls based on your business’s hours of operation. Create professional greetings for your company, departments, user extensions and voicemail. Direct callers to voicemail, extensions and alternate
phone numbers based on date and time.

Total control over call handling >>
Based on answering rules, RingCentral routes calls to you or your employees, wherever they are.

Let callers wait for an available employee >>
Small business automatic call distribution (ACD) allows callers to wait in queue for your employees in departments.

Access call and fax functionality anywhere.

RingCentral professional IP-based desk phones provide office phone features >>

Call hold
Voicemail waiting light
Headset support

Calls are directed to office, home, or cell phones >>
Your company phone system works seamlessly with your IP desk phone as well as existing phones, PCs or mobile devices. Communicate with customers from virtually any location.

Get voicemail and fax notifications sent to email >>
Configure your system to send email or SMS notifications whenever you receive a voice or fax message.

Receive push notifications on-the-go with the RingCentral app for mobile devices.

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VoIP systems can save you significant
dollars vs. traditional phone systems.

Start Saving Immediately !



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